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Pickable Pets [Fabric / Forge]

Works on Fabric and Forge.


This mod gives you the ability to pick up pets, keep them as Items and place them back where you want.

  • They can be picked up by either sneak + right-click or with a key shortcut. (default: G)
  • Pets that are sleeping, dead or more then X distance away can't be picked up.  (default: 40)
  • Picking up a pet cost levels. (default: 2 levels)
  • Baby pets can't be picked up by default. (configurable)
  • Blacklisted pets can't be picked up. (default: none) All features can be disable/changed in the config file (or in the Mod Menu on Fabric).

Incompatible with:

  • Domestication Innovation (for now. will try to fix it soon)
  • Valkyrian Skies Eureka (for now. will try to fix it soon)

If you find any incompatible mod let me know and I'll see what can be done.

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