Physica Modular Forcefield System

20,558 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 31, 2021 Game Version: 1.7.10


Physica Modular Forcefield System is the next Minecraft technological mod. It intends to bring back aspects from older mods, while also introducing new content. Physica Modular Forcefield System is meant to be realistic, but still an enjoyable mod.

This project is based upon Physica Core and requires this mod to run. Try to use the closest version from Physica Core to this mod. The versions are combined so v1.0.0 on Physica Core is v1.0.0 on Physica Modular Forcefield System as well.


 Click on the picture above, select plan(at least 3GB), use my code Voltz to get 25% off your first month and enjoy playing with your friends!



  • Fortron fields
  • Large spherical fortron fields
  • Large cube fortron fields
  • Large pyramid-shaped fortron fields
  • Interdiction Matrix's
  • Player Protection
  • Mob Protection
  • Animal Protection
  • Confiscation


Donations are also highly appreciated. You will also gain the electrodynamics cape if you donate more than 5$!

Just make sure that you send me a dm on either mail or on discord and i will enable it for you :)

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Permission to use in modpacks:

Generally yes as long as you distribute it properly and follow the terms set in the aurilis license:


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