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Physica is the next Minecraft technological mod. It intends to bring back many old, now dead, mods and mix in some new content. Physica is meant to be realistic, but still an enjoyable mod. Physica also contains the core functionality for all the Physica sub-mods.



Mod Revival Process:

As previously mentioned, this mod is trying to revive many abandoned but amazing mods. Listed below are some of the mods that are being restored and renewed.


  • Fusion and Fission reactors
  • Radiation effects
  • Hazmat suits
  • Antimatter
  • Dark matter
  • Breeder and Fissile fuel rods
  • Particle Accelerators
  • Uranium
  • Tin, Copper, and Steel
  • Electricity systems
  • Blast Furnaces
  • Coal generators
  • Fulmination Generators
  • Radioisotope Generators
  • Fortron Fields
  • and a whole lot more


The core section of this mod contains simple blocks and items that are used in other segments of the mod. These include steel, copper, blast furnaces, etc.

Nuclear Physics:

A full remake of Nuclear Physics is already complete inside of Physica. All that is needed now is testing. The process of building reactors and other complex machines is very simple and straightforward to follow. It is remarkably similar, if not identical to the original building process in Atomic Science.


A full remake of Modular Force Field System is complete inside of Physica. What we are working on right now is testing what we have and adding as many features as we can from the original mod. We plan to make it very similar, if not identical to the original.


Permission to use in modpacks:

Generally yes as long as you distribute it properly and follow the terms set in the aurilis license:



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