Peter's Exclusives

4,081 Downloads Last Updated: May 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

A modpack utility mod made for Minecraft.



  • Custom capes for donors, or any other specific type of users, using the DeveloperCapes libraries, based on a remote cape JSON file (that can be hosted in GitHub, too)
  • Custom player login events for special times, with optional fireworks, and optional automatic messages for surpassing x amounts of downloads (for Technic modpacks only) - all client-side.
  • Fork of Jon's Exclusives, Removing the unnecessary Crystal item added and changed the promotional URL in the multiplayer menu.

Server side, client side

  • For the cape feature only, the mod does not have to be installed on the server. You can see others' capes as long as you all have the same cape JSON file (that can be found in the example package).
  • For the custom login, events feature the mod does have to be installed on the server as well.

Custom cape design

The cape image files are 22x17, and should be of the PNG format. Additionally, there is support for high definition capes. Those must be of the size that is divisible by 16. The height must be half of the width. So 1024x512, 2048x1024, and so on. Host them on a server, Dropbox, or GitHub.



This is an open-source fork of Jon's Exclusives.


This removes some of the unnecessary bloat from Jon's Exclusives and Replaces some internal links.