Pet Revival

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Never lose a pet again!


This mod adds special items and drops for every pet in the game that you can use to bring them back to life!

Click here to download a plugin that lets you revive Foxhounds from the quark mod!


Pet Remains 

When killed, dogs, cats, parrots and horses will now drop special items (collars, feathers and skulls, respectively). These remains store all of your pets data, including collar color, cat/ parrot type, horse breed and name. The remains are also impervious to fire and lava, ensuring that you'll be able to pick them back up and keep them safe! Once picked up, you can move the item to a safer location where you can place them down in the world and prepare to revive your pet.




Revival via Golden Items 

To bring your pet back from beyond, you'll need special golden items. These items are Golden Bones, Golden Fish, Golden Seeds and Golden Wheat. Each is crafted similarly to a golden apple, and a right click of it on a pet remain item will return your pet to the land of the living! Beware, however, as revived pets come back with only a portion of their max health, and will need to be fed to fully restore them. Thankfully, this mod also adds the ability to heal your parrots by feeding them wheat seeds!



You can also craft an enhanced version of a golden item by putting a diamond in the recipe. These handy treats will revive your pets at full health, and provide them with several temporary buffs such as speed, fire resistance and regeneration.





Authors Notes 

With the addition of horse revival, this mod now allows for any vanilla player-pet mob to be revived! This is currently all I have planned, aside from maybe the revival of pets from other mods. If there are any other mobs that you think would be good fits, go ahead and let me know in the comments and I'll consider adding them in!


I hope you all enjoy! 



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