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Pet Cemetery

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📖 About:

When one of your beloved pets die, they will drop a Pet Collar. Pet Collars can be dropped by Wolves, Cats, and Parrots. They do not burn in lava. Pet Collars display information about the pet in the description and are colored the same color as the pet's original collar.

To respawn your pet, you must take the Pet Collar to a charged Respawn Anchor. Right-clicking the Respawn Anchor with the collar will consume the collar and respawn your fallen pet as a Zombie version.

Zombie pets have decreased movement speed, decreased damage, and increased health compared to their living counterparts. Like Zombie Villagers, Zombie pets can be cured using a Weakness potion and a Golden Apple. If your Zombie pet dies, it will also drop a collar and can be respawned.

Attempting to respawn a Zombie pet at a Respawn Anchor will respawn the pet as a Skeleton pet. Skeleton pets have decreased health, but increased damage and movement speed. Be careful - if a Skeleton pet dies, it does not drop a collar. Skeleton pets can also not be cured or turned back into their original form in any way.