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Personalized Recipes 2.1


Personalized Recipes 2.1 is a fairly simple mod, for minecraft forge 1.7.10, that allows you to add different types of custom recipes to the game with the help of an ingame command and GUI. This mod is a complete rewrite of the original mod Personalized Recipes, which I wrote several months ago, but it never felt fluid, it was clunky and didn't work very well, now however, the mod feels a lot smoother.

There's a ton of information below, if you want to just skip it all and try out the mod, just click the download button, you can also scroll down and you'll find a link to the source code for the mod. Also make sure to check out my Minecraftforum post for more frequent updates.

UPDATE: Personalized Recipes 2.1 is now released, this is still a beta release, however recipe saving and loading is now enabled, recipes are unique to the world they're created in. Plugin support has also been implemented, however, it is not currently ready for use, but should be shortly.

This mod requires the use of commands, and therefore your singleplayer world must have cheats enabled to us it, the mod is currently in a beta testing state and so not all features have been implemented, currently recipes will not persist through a restart, but they will work until the game is closed, recipe saving is planned for the next beta release, along with multiplayer support. To use the mod, simple type /recipe and you will be brought to a window that will allow you select the type of recipe you wish to make, there are currently four types or recipes you are able to make (although more are planned, including creation of recipes using non vanilla methods (custom mod recipes)) . The first type of recipe you can create is the most basic, the Shapeless recipe, this is a type of recipe that has no preset pattern and only requires the materials to make it (for example mushroom stew is a shapeless crafting recipe). The second is the Shaped recipe, this is a type of recipe that requires a set of materials to be placed in a certain pattern (for example a diamond chestplate is a shaped recipe). Third we have the Smelting recipe, this is a recipe type that allows you to make something by putting an item into a furnace and smelting it (iron ingots for example). Finally we have a special type of "recipe" although this one is less of a recipe than the others, the Fuel recipe, this allows you to define custom fuels for your furnaces.

One thing all the current recipe types have in common is that they require items of some sort to define them, to select your items, once you've selected the type of recipe you want to make, simple click on the inventory slot and you'll be brought to a list of every item in the game that you can scroll through and select items from (there is a known bug where not every item shows at first, to fix this there is a search bar you can type in to narrow the results). Once you've selected the item for the slot, you can provide a number in the second text field that allows you to specify the amount of items you want to go into the slot, that said, not every slot will allow you to have multiple items in it, some will limit this to one, also note you can't put more items in a slot than normally would be allowed, for example you couldn't put 20 ender pearls in a slot since ender pearls only stack to 20.

Fwew that's a lot of text, but we're not done, lets move to some specifics, for the Shaped crafting recipe, you'll notice two sets of + and - buttons, these are used to disable rows/columns of the recipe that you aren't using. For Fuel recipes there's just one single slot and also a text box that you specify the duration of the fuel (a value of 200 means that the fuel will smelt one item). For the Smelting recipe there are two slots, one for the item you want to smelt, and one for the item you get out of the smelting, there's also one text field where you can specify the amount of experience you get for smelting one of the items you've selected, this must be a number between 0 and 100, where 100 is the same amount of experience you get from smelting diamond ore. There isn't really anything special about the Shapeless recipe.

For more information you can view the old thread on the minecraft forum.

This mod is open source, meaning the source code is publicly viewable by anyone and anyone is allowed to modify it. The source code is hosted on my Github.



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