Permission Levels

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Permission Levels

This mod overrides the vanilla Minecraft's /op command to be able to take a permission level argument.
This argument is a value between 1-4 corresponding to the levels of Mincraft gamepedia - Commands/op.
This could be used together with mods that adds commends with different permissions levels to allow level 1 ops to use some commands but not the full list of command including stopping the server. This mod is a server-side mod, which means ti can be used without every client connecting to the server must have it.

This mod add two commands.

  • The /op command which overrides vanilla Minecraft's own /op command. This command takes the player and then a value between 1 and 4 for the permission level. A unconfigured server would default the permission level to 4.
  • The /xop command, this command is the same as the /op command above, this is added if some other mod decides to override /op also.

Be careful of permission level 3, because it also have access to the op command. This makes it possible for level 3 ops to request level 4. (This has been fixed in the 1.16.x versions)


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