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Pawprints adds all sorts of cute, strange, and exotic real-life animals to your game in order to increase the diversity of wildlife available.

From the spiny Tenrecs, to the curious Pikas, and the most dazzling Nudibranchs, Pawprints is dedicated to bringing you a unique experience with a myriad of unique and fascinating real-life creatures that you can encounter.

The creatures included in this mod are can be played with in both Survival and Creative mode, with compatibility for both!


Currently Pawprints adds 15 different animals, each with numerous different texture variations for the most amount of variety possible!

Other features include new structures, plants, food items, blocks, plushies, and more!


This mod is planned to be updated for both 1.12.2 forge and, eventually, 1.16.5 forge.




Please consider joining the Discord for sneak peeks on future animals and progress!

Please do not request for any creatures to be added to this mod, unless you're on the Discord!


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