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Patbox's Brewery


Patbox's Brewery


Brewery is a Fabric/Quilt compatible mod allowing you to create alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with cauldrons and barrels. Aside of few builtin ones, you can add any number of custom drinks with their own recipes and functionality by using datapacks. Additionally, this mod can work purely server side, allowing vanilla clients to join and use its capabilities.

While this mod is inspired/based on ideas from Sn0wStorm's Brewery plugin for bukkit, it isn't compatible with its configs/items as this one is powered by Polymer

This mod is still far from finished content wise. If you have ideas/requests feel free to create an issue on github!

Getting Started

You can check all recipes by crafting Book of Brewery (1 glass bottle and 1 book).

Cooking/Boiling with Cauldron (Preparing mixtures)

Using cauldron is quite simple. You just need to drop ingredients to cauldron filled with water placed on top of (camp)fire and then click it with stick. It will consume ingredients and start cooking/boiling them. Passed time will be displayed above it. When it reaches value you wanted, just click it with empty glass bottle to get mixture or finished drink.

Creating barrel

Brewery barrels are built in world. To make one you need 1 spigot (crafted from stone, tick and any plank), 4 fences, 16 wooden stairs and 20 wooden planks. They all need to be of the same type. Then just place them in shape showcased below. Stairs rotation doesn't matter, just keep in mind to place spigot last.

Aging mixtures/drinks with Barrels

Most drink types require aging with barrels. However not all barrels are made equal. Some brews will have higher quality in selected barrel types, other won't be possible to make at all.

To start aging mixture/drink, just click on a barrel you made (not vanilla one!) and put your items there. They will automatically start to age. When they have good enough quality you can take them out.