Passive Shield

Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Passive Shield is a configurable mod which makes some changes to the shield mechanics. When a shield is held in the offhand and not in use, it will not be rendered. Whenever the player right-clicks to raise the shield, it will be shown again. When the shield is not raised, it will still negate some damage. By default 33% extra negation, but this can be changed in the config file.


The shield provides the same passive protection when held idle in the main hand.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
hideShieldWhenNotInUse (default = true): When enabled, the shield will be hidden unless a player presses right-click.
passiveShieldPercentageDamageNegated (default = 0.3333, min 0.0, max 1.0): The percentage of damage that will be negated when a player is hit while holding a shield that's not held high.

The shield is hidden when held in the offhand until raised:

The default damage without a shield:


The shield passively negating damage when not raised in the offhand:

The shield passively negating damage when not raised in the mainhand:


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