Parzi's Star Wars Mod

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Filename Parzi's Star Wars Mod v1.2.0.jar
Uploaded by parzivail
Uploaded Dec 23, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 22.29 MB
Downloads 30,972
MD5 b5035951f5cd7d48ce0d961d9d428cf3
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Changelog 1.2.0 Release

1. Hoth terrain updated (no lava and water is rare)
2. Lightsaber animation config option (flashing or static)
3. Laser config option (lasers start fires on blocks or not)
4. Improved Vehicle functionality
5. Added Foods (Bantha Platter, Dewback Ribs, Canron, Gorrnar, Acid Beets, and Chasuka) *some have effects so be careful* (yeah we know they aren't the best textures ever but we're kinda forced to pull from non-100% canon food reference material which has no pictures to go off of and we're just trying to make you guys able to have more food than bantha chops and bantha milk so bear with us)
6. Fixed orientation of guns in hand when in 3rd person
7. Added Binoculars (MB450 Macrobinoculars and TD2.3 Electrobinoculars) *adjustable zoom and different heads-up displays for each*
8. Added Bith NPC
9. Cantina Band music disk now bought from Bith (no longer rare loot in chests, and it's expensive)
10. Added Sandtroopers (they all carry guns so don't make 'em mad)
11. Changed text in NPC GUI's to correct titles/races
12. Tusken Raiders and Sandtroopers (if they have guns in their hands) will shoot you if they become angry
13. Moisture Vaporators are bigger (more canon correct)
14. Rebel Endor Armor updated (and the helmet is 3D now)
15. Credit Tiers (bronze, silver, gold) and ***reworked prices and loot spawn frequency***
16. Droid Hackers (allow you to "hack" imperial probe droids and they will aid you and attack any hostile entities. They can also be used to tame Imperial Astromech Droids and Surgical Droids.)
17. Sequel Trilogy Content
-First Order Stormtrooper Armor
-First Order Stormtrooper Captain Armor (cape coming soon)
-10 New Blasters!
-Kylo Ren's Lightsaber
-Rey's Speeder
-BB-8 (tame him with a Droid Caller)
18. Baby animals! <3
19. Fully Flyable Starships with lasers and first person cockpits with working radar, targeting computers, and a few other interactive goodies!(be careful when landing, if you hit the ground too steep and too fast you will explode, and an exploding ship will obviously kill you. Also be mindful of gravity so make sure you don't just stop flying because you'll fall out of the air after decelerating.)
-TIE Fighter
-TIE Interceptor
-X-Wing (open the wings to go into attack mode and close them to land and dock, use the default keybind "c", but you can change the keybind in controls)
-(firing lasers for all ships is a changeable keybind so look under controls to change it, default is "f")
-(Any and all starship models may be changed in future updates to accomodate new functionality)
20. Added Bartender NPC who sells foodstuffs
21. More Lightsaber noises
22. Fixed Parzi's Star Wars Mod biomes spawning in the overworld
23. Added Imperial Astromech Droids *tame them with a droid hacker*
24. COMPLETE DIMENSION OVERHAUL (shouldn't be crashing at all and things should be faster, smoother, fully server compatible, and overall better than before)
25. Added Ship Builder NPC who you can buy ships from (don't get too comfy with these guys because in 1.3.0 we'll be changing how you get ships in favor of a more interactive quest type of system)
26. Aurebesh
27. 2-1B Surgical Droid will heal you if you're near them and they've been tamed with a droid hacker
28. Updated Landspeeder and Speeder Bike Models and Textures to make them fit more with the level of detail that the starships have (they just looked a little too bleh)
29. Config options for Biome IDs just in case the mod isn't playing well with others
30. Blaster bolts fire faster than before
31. Shear Banthas for Brown Wool
32. Tatooine Commoners have better sounds
33. Lots of sounds are less loud in general
34. Re-textured Kyber Crystals
35. Dagobah Mud?