Particle Rain

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 Particle Rain replaces the default rain with some particle effects. In addition to snow and rain, deserts have sandstorms and mesas have red sandstorms.

If you have mod menu installed you can change various aspects of the particles behaviour.


Requires Fabric API and Cloth Config


Particle Rain 2.0.1 "The surprise update"

Updated to 1.19

Removed the rest of the color options. Use a resource pack. (I will make a few myself at some point)

"Didn't you abandon this mod?" Well, yes, but actually no. Explanation:

The gist of it is that after seeing someone posting their own weather particles in the fabric discord I thought "nice! someone who knows what they're doing can take over this concept!" and I promptly lost interest in doing my own mod. Then that ended up not happening and Biome Particle Weather appeared instead, which is fine, but it's not really what I'm after and it also didn't work last time I tried it. And so I ended up wanting to use this again, which means I have to update it, which means I may as well continue uploading it for other people to use.


Previous update log:

1.18 Update - Particle Rain 2.0.0

This has actually been available for 2 months on github already, and was updated by github users Ocelot5836 and Kvalyr. I have not touched the mod myself, but am gonna slap it up here for the sake of it.

Not sure if I will continue updating this. Check out the spiritual successor: Biome Particle Weather



gif of particles in action



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