Particle Rain

22,302 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 9, 2021 Game Version: 1.17


Particle Rain replaces the default rain with some particle effects. In addition to snow and rain, deserts have sandstorms and mesas have red sandstorms.

If you have mod menu installed you can change aspects of the particles like gravity and density through the config menu.

The mod is entirely client side so you can use it on servers. Particles are also somewhat laggy in general so your performance may suffer slightly if you're not using optifine or sodium.

Requires Fabric API


gif of particles in action




Feel free to do it yourself. If you're just here for sandstorms you might like Dynamic Surroundings

Does it need to be installed on the server?

No it's client side only. Purely visual.

Is the mod compatible with [XYZ]?

idk, try it.

Can you add or change [XYZ]?



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