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Park Builder is a mod about bringing John Hammond's dream to life, build your very own Jurassic Park, your very own Jurassic World, transform the world with your hands, and bring these prehistoric creatures back to rule the world once again, we give you the tools and you make the dinosaurs. Achieve what John Hammond couldn't, and build the perfect park!




Current list of dinosaurs included in the recently released public beta:

  1. Triceratops Horridus (Herbivore)
  2. Dryosaurus Altus (Herbivore)
  3. Velociraptor Mongoliensis (Carnivore)
  4. Velociraptor Antirrhopus (Carnivore)
  5. Baryonyx Walkeri (Piscivore)


List of creatures coming in the next beta:

1. Dilophosaurus Sinensis (Carnivore)

2. Styracosaurus (Herbivore)

3. Parasaurolophus Walkeri (Herbivore)




Frequently Asked Questions: 


1. Are the 1.18.2 and 1.19 versions the same? Yes! It doesn't matter which version you play on since they both have all the same features!


2. Why are there no spawn eggs? In order to spawn in a dinosaur, you must use the hatched eggs.


3. Why do the dinosaurs always spawn as babies? In order to forcefully grow a dinosaur into an adult, you must use a miracle berry, which as of now, is a creative mode only item! If your playing in survival, you will have to wait until they grow on their own.


4. Will the mod get a 1.16.5 port? No, the oldest version we'll be supporting as of right now is 1.18.2, sorry for the inconvenience.


5. Am I allowed to do a mod review on this mod? Yes of course! Just message GodzillaGamer02, (GodzillaGamer54 in discord) if you have any questions! And also, be sure to give proper credit to all the staff who made the mod, list can be found underneath, thanks in advance!


Here's a really well made review of the current version of the mod! Pretty much goes over everything you need to know!: https://youtu.be/NE0P85iZamw


Staff Credits:


1. GodzillaGamer54 - Owner

2. Jooji - Lead Modeler

3. Nyfaria -  Lead Coder

4. Spacetime BAB - Coder

5. Nova - Lead Concept Artist



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