Parabox allows you to set your world into a time loop, effectively locking it in the state that it was when the loop began, and generate prestige points while the loop runs.


The Time Loop

Parabox's time loop is a system where a world checkpoint will be taken, and all changes in the world will then be nullified when the time loop ends.

To begin a time loop, all logged in players will need to vote by clicking a button in the Parabox. 

While the Parabox is active, and the time loop is running, the Parabox will consume power every 20 minutes and generate a prestige point.  The amount of power needed is 100k FE, and increases by another 100k FE every completed cycle.


Ending the Time Loop

Once the time loop has begun, there are three methods of stopping it.

Collapsing the World: Collapsing the world will reset the world (but not players) back to the original state when the loop began, and grant all players the prestige points that have generated.

Deactivating the Parabox: Deactivation will disable the loop, but will void any generated prestige points.

Power Failure: If the time comes for the parabox to consume power, and it cannot, it will be automatically deactivated.