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Panoramica depends on *Konkrete*, to work properly!


Panoramica is a forge-based client-side mod to take cubic panorama screenshots like the one you see in the background of the Minecraft main menu!
You can use these panoramas in resource packs to replace the default main menu panorama or in other mods that support this type of panoramas, like FancyMenu!

How To Take Panoramas

To take a panorama screenshot and save it to your system, just go to a cool spot in your world and press R to start the screenshot process.
The hotkey can be changed in the controls settings.

It works best with a FOV around 80-82, but that depends on the player height.

Configuring Panoramica

Panoramica's configuration file is located at .minecraft/config/panoramica/config.txt!

Screenshot Resolution
To change the resolution of your panorama screenshots, just change the panoramaresolution value in the mod config to a multiple of 512.

Screenshot Delay
The delay between each screenshot can be changed with the screenshotdelay value in the mod config.
A too small delay can cause the screenshot process to fail!

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