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WARNING. 1.14 version of PaintingMod support both Fabric and Forge, the mod loader supported by the file is mentioned in the name of the file (like : [Fabric 1.14.3] 0.2.4/[Forge 1.14.3] 4.0.0).


Painting Mod is a mod that recreate the paint manufacturing method and allows to paint some Minecraft Vanilla blocks.


mod items


Features :
-Artisanal painting creation
-Allows to paint a lot of Minecraft vanilla blocks, as stairs, fences, fence gates, walls, slabs, pressure plates, button,...


How to start :

1) craft some Soggy Clay and a Hammer.

2) Do a right click with the hammer on the Soggy Clay (In the forge 1.14.3 version you only need to break the Soggy Clay Block, there is no hammer).

3) Enjoy Paint crafting :-)!


You can help me on github :


The mod include a small api to add colored version of a block.


Please do some comments on what you think about this mod or a suggestion, they are very useful :-)


Painting Mod has a discord :






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