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PackagedAuto is an addon to Applied Energistics 2, and it aims to use "packages" of items to allow autocrafting with more than 9 items, and for 1.18.1+, fluid crafting is also supported. This mod is designed to be able to run without Applied Energistics 2, but installation with it is recommended.

To use this mod, one needs to make 2 Recipe Pattern Holders and encode them with an Encoder. Then, one needs to put a pattern holder in a Packager, and the other in an Unpackager, both connected to a ME Network. The Packager will accept items and make them into Recipe Packages and the Unpackager will take them and output items into an adjacent inventory. Both machines tell the ME Network what it can do according to the pattern holder, and the Packager, when connected, ejects packages into the network.

No Fabric port is currently planned, however if anyone wants to do a port, you are welcome to do so.

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