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p455w0rd's Things

p455w0rd's Things


WIP  (Work In Progreess) 1.10.2 mod - THERE WILL BE BUGS - Check Issues link above


IMPORTANT - As of v1.2.21 p455w0rd's Library is a required dependency (get the appropriate version here). Tesla has been replaced by RF as the primary energy API. The Voidifier still optionally supports Tesla.


 Required Dependencies: CodeChickenLib 1.8+, p455w0rd's Library




- /dank/null

Similar to the OpenBlocks /dev/null, but with multiple slots (9 slots per tier, 6 tiers total)

Each tier has increasing slot stack capacity starting @ 2 stacks and doubling every tier thereafter

Place-able items aren't consumed in Creative mode

--Recipes: JEI
--Open GUI: Crouch+Right-Click

--Cycle Selected Item: Crouch+Scroll -or- Page Forward/Backward Mouse Buttons

Dank Null GUIs


- Carbon Armor

High durability armor; upgradable, powered by Tesla (any RF charger can charge)


-- Base Upgrade:

- Upgrades are combined with applicable armor pieces (Described in tooltips) in any crafting grid

- Multiple upgrades can be added in the same craft

Applicable Upgrades:

Armor Upgrades

-- Helmet: Night Vision


-- Chest Plate: JetPlate, Witherless

--- JetPlate Gives Flight

--- Witherless nullifies wither effect


-- Leggings: Speed Boost


-- Boots: Step Assist, Lava Walker

--- Step Assist is like any other

--- Lava Walker allows you to walk on lava and negates fire damage


-- Upgrade versions use custom model:

Upgraded Carbon Armor



- Carbon Shield

Carbon Shield


- JetPack

-- A lower armor version of the JetPlate. Allows for early game flight.


- Magnet

-- Magnet respects other players and will only pick up items if the holding player is the closest player to the item being picked up. There is also a delay when throwing items. This eliminates the age old problem of throwing items to other players.


- Horse Armor

- Night Vision Goggles

-- Early game night vision with low armor value. Also used to craft the Infused Carbon Armor Night Vision upgrade


- Batteries

- Charges all items in inventory when activated


- Advanced Armor Stand


- Has arms and supports off-hand

- Armor swapping via sneak+right-click


- Friender Pearl

 Used to tame and/or heal Friendermen. Can also be used like an Ender Pearl but with no damage on impact.



- Carbon Block

- Nether Carbon Ore

- Carbon Bricks

- Carbon Stairs

- Voidifier


-Enderman Skulls


Prevents being targeted by Enderman when worn.

Custom TiC Modifiers

-- +1 Modifier:

-- Soulbound:



Other TiC Stuff

Tool/Weapon parts:


Custom Crossbow Stats (for those of you missing the old Signalum Crossbow:

Custom Recipes

Name Tag (Shapeless) :

Name Tag Recipe

Notch Apple

Notch Apple


Saddle Recipe


Custom Entities

- Enderman

They do not teleport during the day or in water 

- Frienderman

Tameable-friendly to all players, hostile toward attacking mobs when tamed.

They are tamed by right-clicking with Friender Pearls which are dropped rarely by other Enderman Types. Odds of Friender Pearl drops increase from 5% by default to 75% chance with Looting III.



Config Options

Maximum Chunkloaders place-able by player server-wide

Maximum Chunk Loader radius

Disable Chunk Loader

Disable ProjectE EMC

Magnet Effective Radius

Disable custom Enderman

Custom Enderman spawn probability

Number of custom enderman to spawn per group

Enable Wither Skeleton Raw Carbon drops

Enable Nether Carbon Ore world generation

-All Carbon TiC stats are configurable




Cleverpanda714 - base Carbon Block texture

covers1624 - horse armor ASM


Patron Cosmetics:


By becoming a patron over @ my Patreon page you will be given your choice of green, blue, or red bat wings! The wings will be visible to everyone on servers running p455w0rd's Things :)