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A Forge Server Side-Only mod to customize your server MOTD!


This mod requires p455w0rdsLib which can be found here for 1.9.4-1.10.2 and here for 1.7.10.



  • Vanilla Compatible
  • 1.7.10, 1.9.4, 1.10, and 1.10.2 compatible
  • Customizable Random MOTDs
  • Customizable PlayerList tooltip

On first run, the mod will generate the two required files for MOTD customization in <server root dir>/CustomMOTD


There are 2 files used for configuration.


This mod supports multiline MOTDs (2 lines as per vanilla). To set a new line, use the pipe | character in the entry in custommotdlist.txt

Each entry in custommotdlist.txt is a separate MOTD entry. This is why the pipe character is used for 2nd line



Contains the replacement template for the player list tooltip



{playercount} - number of players currently on the server

{maxplayers} - maximum number of players the server supports

{difficulty} - server difficulty level

{mcversion} - server Minecraft version

{radio} - obfscated radio bars

{playerlist} - list up to 10 players currently online


Color Codes and Formatting

Full support for default Minecraft color codes and formatting

to use an ampersand (&), use two ampersands in succession (&&).


bb but Plugins already do this :C

Yes they do, and I feel the less dependent modded servers are on systems like Bukkit/Sponge, the better. I have been told that Forge can't possibly do what bukkit plugins can..I beg to differ..



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