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first of all, the idea in some textures is so compatible with the Toxteer resource pack so all the credit in this goes to him,
I have done some tweaks to reach what I want but the main texture is based on him.


it's a forge mod I have no plan for now to add a fabric version





I have always found that gold in Minecraft is pretty useless,
yeah with the 1.16 update the gold have the feature of bartering with the piglins,
but let be honest golden gear are nothing more than trash no one has ever crafted one of them on his game,
I know it has the highest Enchantability but his durability is so bad, so I decided to combine him with iron to make high durability and enchatiblity tier gliron
gliron's gear are next to the iron gear in-game progression, I make him weak than diamond to keep the vanilla game progression,also in term of progression the gliron tier is needed
to pass to the main part of the mod the overite tier,
basically it's a netherite version of the overworld.


Getting started:


it's an enhanced Minecraft mod so I tried to keep it easy as possible.
all that you need to start is having a lot of gold in order to make the gliron tier,
and start hunting for overrack because the new ore won't break with a normal pickaxe
he needs a level 4 pickaxe (that mean a netehrite or a modded pickaxe)

note:the ocen biome's have a high spawn rate for overrack


crafting recipes:


the crafting recipe of gliron is a little bit expensive to keeping the vanilla vibe




you can always repair the tools with their associated items like:
block of gold for gliron and overite ingot for overite
[anvile pictures]




 gliron gear: 

gliron helemt : Armor=3/Durability=364/armor toughness=2
gliron chestplate : Armor=8/Durability=572/armor toughness=2
gliron legging : Armor=6/Durability=520/armor toughness=2
gliron boots : Armor=3/Durability=390/armor toughness=2
gliron sword : AttackDamage=7/AttackSpeed=1.7/Durabillity=1800/Efficiency=7
gliron pickaxe :  AttackDamage=5/AttackSpeed=1.2/Durabillity=1800/Efficiency=7
gliron axe :  AttackDamage=9/AttackSpeed=1/Durabillity=1800/Efficiency=7
gliron shovel :  AttackDamage=5/AttackSpeed=1/Durabillity=1800/Efficiency=7
gliron hoe :  AttackDamage=1/AttackSpeed=4/Durabillity=1800/Efficiency=7


overite gear:

overite helemt : Armor=3/Durability=490/armor toughness=4
overite chestplate : Armor=8/Durability=770/armor toughness=4
overite legging : Armor=6/Durability=700/armor toughness=4
overite boots : Armor=3/Durability=525/armor toughness=4
overite sword : AttackDamage=10/AttackSpeed=1.8/Durabillity=2500/Efficiency=9
overite pickaxe : AttackDamage=6/AttackSpeed=1.2/Durabillity=2500/Efficiency=9
overite axe : AttackDamage=12/AttackSpeed=1/Durabillity=2500/Efficiency=9
overite shovel : AttackDamage=7/AttackSpeed=1/Durabillity=2500/Efficiency=9
overite hoe : AttackDamage=1/AttackSpeed=4/Durabillity=2500/Efficiency=9




gliron tools have the highest enchantability (25 for armor and tools/weapons),
[you can reach the best enchantment you want with it].


overite helmet have the night vision effect in it to help with mining in the big caves.


overite armor has knockback resistance



overite apple is an expensive one but also a powerful item that gives you damage boost III.1.00/absorption V.1.00/night vision III.1.00/instant heal III.1.00


Modpack permissions:

Permission granted! No need to ask.it's a fan base mod so feel free to use it, I would love to see people having fun with it.


Plans for Future Versions:


-add overite beacon
-add overite bow
-add horse armor
-add shield
-also i would love to add a new elytra




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