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A Dungeon dimension generator for use with Open Terrain Generator. Used as a tech demo for the new custom structure (BO3) features of OTG 1.12.2 v1 and 1.11.2 v8. Documentation for the new features will be added a.s.a.p. Forge only atm, still have to port the new structure features for Spigot (may take a while).


Some detail on the dungeons:

The dungeons underneath the ocean temple use the new branching mechanics for CustomStructures. 2 rooms (16x16 and 32x32) are repeated to create a large procedurally generated dungeon with branching passages and staircases. The branching mechanics guarantee that each passage leads back to the beginning of the dungeon and that there are no unreachable or overridden rooms. Using the new branching mechanics structures like these dungeons can grow like the roots of a plant, and thanks to the collision detection and rollback mechanics the dungeons can resize themselves to neatly fit inside a space, just like the roots of a plant. The 16x16 rooms have randomised interiors and blocks and can have their walls and/or ceilings punched out if there is a neighbouring room. Mob spawners and particles have also been added to interiors as a demonstration. The dungeons are configured to never extend beyond the footprint of the temple above. Because the entire dungeon is made of only 2 rooms it's a bit boring gameplay-wise at the moment, these dungeons are meant as an example and starting point for content creators so they can start making their own procedurally generated dungeons, caves, sewers, villages, cities etc. Documentation will be made available a.s.a.p.


How to reach the dungeon dimension: 

Create a new OTG world and use "/otg dim -c Random Dungeon Generator" to create a dungeon dimension. Build a chiseled stone brick portal to get to the dimension. After you leave the dimension you can delete it using "/otg dim -d Random Dungeon Generator". A dimension has to be unloaded for this, unloading should happen automatically shortly after the last player leaves the dimension. Use "otg dim -l" to show a list of dimensions and their status.


*Description in the worldconfig is outdated, please ignore. Will add documentation a.s.a.p.


Please join us on the Discord or github for questions or problems.

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