Ore Swords

4,590 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 15, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

This mod adds swords that are made of basic ores instead of ingots (unprocessed/silk touched ores). By making the swords out of this unrefined material they gains special properties.


Issues can be reported here.



Coal Ore sword - chance to light target on fire


Diamond Ore Sword - better enchantability


Emerald Ore Sword - extra durable


Gold Ore Sword - better damage than gold


Iron Ore Sword - (wip) does extra damage on consecutive hits


Lapis Ore Sword - applies poison


Quartz Ore Sword - high damage


Redstone Ore Sword - adds knockback


Hilt - used in the crafting of swords


sharpener - increases damage of any sword

Official Forum pages - comments and whatnot


Note about version numbers:

Every version that starts with the same number is compatible with other versions that start with that number.

If the first number in the version changes it means there were significant changes and a world using a previous version is likely not compatible.

This means that you can always update to a new version as long as it still has the same starting number.


Original idea and textures came from jdog1408

Code written by UberAffe



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