Ore Shrubs

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2


Mar 28, 2017

Owner: Lhykos

Ore Shrubs

Everyone love ore shrubs!


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Maybe you remember these shrubs, that let berries grow with properties of normal ore nuggets.
People thought they are gone from this world, but no! They are back!
In deep caves, deeper in the hell or high above in the End, there they grow.
Only true adventures are brave enough to collect them...

..or you just to lazy to go mining.
Don't waste time whith mining, sit back and watch them grow!




For more details please visit the Minecraft Forum Thread!


Work for 1.12+!

There are a lot of API changes!



You can use this mod in any modpacks.

But it would be nice if you give credits to me and show a link pointing to this side or the Minecraft Forum Thread. :)


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