Ore Dowsing

6,190 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

Ore downsing rods adds a rod that will help find your ores using some Flux (Forge Energy). The rod radius and tier can be upgraded: (Since the 1.11.2 version)



By enchanting the rod with efficiency will increase the rod radius. Each level will increase the size by 2 blocks by default.



Each tier can be increased by consuming ores, each ore type have a value to increase the tier progress.


Tier 1: It will show you what ores types are nearby


Tier 2: It will show you what ores are nerby and the distance to them


Tier 3: The rod will render the block outline without a specific color


Tier 4: It will render the block outline with the proper color


Ore configuration

You can configure how each ore works in a json that in the Ore dowsing configuration file. "oreDictionaryEntries" is a list of ores oreDictionary values in Forge, "color" is the color rendered in tier 4 and "value" is the points that will increase the rod tier progress

    "oreDictionayEntries": [
    "color": {
      "red": 51,
      "green": 51,
      "blue": 51
    "value": 4

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