2,818 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 1, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

OpenSensors adds a sensor block, and exchangeable sensor cards which gives your OpenComputers the ability to retrieve information about the area around them.


Currently the mod adds a single sensor, the World Sensor."biome",64,64) will return the name of the biome at x:64, y:64

info("lightlevel",64,64,35) will get the light level at block x:64, y:64, z:35

info("raining") will return true/false

info("thundering") will return true/false

info("daytime") will return true/false

info("moonphase") will return the current moon phase

info("celestialangle") returns the celestial angle

info("dimension") returns the dimension id

info("temperature",64,64) returns the temperature of the biome at x:64, y:64

info("highhumidity",64,64) returns if the biome at x:64, y:64 has high humidity

info("humidity",64,64) returns the humidity of the biome  at x:64, y:64


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