[SUSPENDED] OpenMechanics


OpenMechanics' development has been suspended until further notice. This is due to me not having a team, which would be required to maintain a mod planned to be this large. If you would like to join my team to help, please DM me on Discord (Paradoxical#2936).


What is OpenMechanics?

OpenMechanics is a Minecraft mod that adds technology to Minecraft. It has a long progression tree, which includes many realistic aspects.


Modpack Info

You do not need to ask me to use this mod in a modpack. Feel free to credit me though! If you are misusing the mod, I will have it removed.


What do you plan on adding in the future?

A lot of things. That includes:

  • Energy Generation
  • Item, liquid, and gas transportation
  • Metal alloys
  • Cosmetic blocks
  • Construction helpers (blueprints and projectors)
  • Many, many more things


OpenMechanics is created by The Puzzlemaker, and (formerly) dadarkgragon.



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