118,795 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This OpenComputers addon makes adding new loot disks easier, mainly made for Mod Pack creators who don't want to ship a world with their packs.


The disk.cfg file format is as follows:





color: 0-15 and follows the same color scheme as minecraft (defaults to 0)

name: a string overriding the directory name (defaults to the directory name)

isReadOnly: true/false if set to true then the disk can not be written to (defaults to true)

isCraftable: true/false if set to false the disk can not be cycled through like other OpenComputers loot disks with a scrench (Defaults to true useful for adding recipes with other mods)


This mod uses OpenComputer's Loot system which doesn't currently put disks in loot chests but lets you cycle through available loot disks with any loot disk and a scrench on a crafting grid.  If you set 'isCraftable' to false your disk will NOT show up this way. 


All of the fields are optional


Any files/directories placed in the root directory will show up on the lootdisk in game so if you have /mods/opendisks/lua/merp/dir1/somefile.lua  in game that the disk will be named "merp" and will have a directory called "dir1" with  a file "somfile.lua" inside it.


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