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by Jebbuh


OmniTools adds a total of 10 new tools to your game.

These tools are called Omnitools and combine the pickaxe, axe and shovel into one, with a hoe variant also being available.


Hello, and thanks for looking at my mod. I am currently working on OmniTools and would really appreciate any feedback, so if you find any bugs or have suggestions for the mod please post them below :)

Currently the mod is in Pre-Release 1.0, to see if there are any bugs and to ask you for suggestion on things you would like to see in this mod. Please check the planned features before replying!





10 different Omnitools, one for each material type Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond with every type also having a Hoe variant.

Omnitools combine the effects of the Pickaxe, Axe and Shovel into one allowing you to mine almost every block efficiently with one simple tool!

They normal variant has 3 times the base value of it's normal durabilty and the hoe variant 4 times.

Recipes for every Omnitool

A custom creative tab with every Omnitool!


Planned Features:


Adding Sharpness/Smite/Bane of Arthropods onto the Omnitools using an anvil





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You can make use this mod in videos for creative or informative purposes. Just don't forget to credit or link me :)

You may use this mod in modpacks as long as you credit or link the me.

You may NOT repost this mod or claim it as your own!

Any questions don't hesitate to ask me :D


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