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- Omnis is a forge mod that aims to add content to all corners to the game.
- The main goal of the mod is to add more items to seek out; powerful loot with unique gimmicks, much alike the trident.
- With each update a new, exciting region of the game will get some much deserved loot!
- The mod requires Curios API and Lodestone.


Ravaged Goods:

Omnis adds a ton of new exciting plunders for you to steal from illagers.
There are two rudimentary materials known as ravaged scrap and tears of vex. 

Ravaged Scrap can be looted from most illager enemies, stronger foes drop more scrap!
- Combining 4 scrap with an iron ingot yields a much stronger steel.
Ravaged Metal can be used to make weapons and armor.
- It's stronger than iron, weaker than diamond.
- Every weapon from this set comes with a unique ability!
Ravagestone is a new building block made with 8 stone and 1 scrap. 
- It can be turned into bricks and tiles. 
- It can also be carved and polished.

Ravaged Metal Gear

Tears of
Vex are an uncommon drop from the magical vex.
Vexwart is made by combining vex tears with netherwart.
- Harvesting this crop when it's fully grown will yield more vex tears.
Magic Proficiency Potions can be brewed using vex tears.
- This strong buff will amplify the users magical abilities!
Haunted Steel is a powerful metal made from 4 vex tears, 4 gold ingots and 1 netherite scrap.
- It can be used to upgrade your ravaged metal gear, functioning as an alternative to netherite!
- Additionally, armor made from haunted steel will reduce incoming magic damage!
Gloomstone is another new building block, much alike ravagestone.
- It's made from 8 stone and 1 vex tear.
- It can be turned into bricks and tiles.
- It can also be carved and polished.

Haunted Steel Gear

Quick Overview of this content

Plundered Loot:

Omnis also adds many unique illager themed gear to seek out and obtain.

The Spell Blade
 is a lightweight sword with an arcane ability
- The weapon deals both magic and physical damage!
- You can rarely spot vex wielding this blade, maybe they'll be kind enough to drop it for you.
- A haunted spell blade will convert even more damage into magic!

The Vindicator Axe
 is a heavy axe meant to crush morale of those unfortunate enough to be struck by it.
- The weapon will deal greatly increased damage to illagers and players.
- Vindicators will often be found wielding this evil weapon.
- Reinforcing the weapon with haunted steel will provide even more extra damage!

The Evoker Charm is a simple yet strong curio.
- Wearing this accessory will enhance the users magic abilities, perfect to pair with your spell blade!

Spell Blade and Vindicator Axe




Sammy; (me!) does the programming
Queso does the art


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