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Currently only adds two items, the "Omni-Goggles", and the "Omni-Tool". By combining them with various helmets from other mods, you can combine HUDs so that you can see both at the same time, without swapping out helmets, along with adding a few useful features that would work in the vanilla game.

Soon, there will also be a full armor set, and an "Omni-Tool", with similar concepts behind them.


"Omni-Goggles" currently have support for:

- Thaumcraft's Goggles of Revealing

- OpenPeripherals' Terminal Glasses

- Potion Module (includes Night Vision & Water Breathing)


The "Omni-Tool" has:

 - Potions Module (includes Haste & Strength)

 - Paxel Module

 - Wrench Module (works with Thermal Expansion, PneumaticCraft, and BuildCraft)





Download here, or check (usually has more up-to-date versions, as CurseForge takes a bit to verify)

If you want to help out mod development without paying anything, then download from, it gives me money based off of mod views.


You can (kinda) follow development at the Trello page here.

And follow development better at GitHub here.


Post any mods that I should add support for, and post issues on the GitHub page.


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