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Filename okzoomer-5.0.0-beta.3+1.17.1.jar
Uploaded by EnnuiLangeweile
Uploaded Nov 27, 2021
Game Version 1.18.1   +7
Size 263.44 KB
Downloads 1,228,636
MD5 466ef40f80e077bfbd701cea64530498
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This update is a stopgap one before the now-moved beta.4 (whose goal is getting all features targeted for 5 ready). This will be the last 1.17 update, with any further progress being moved to 1.18. Despite that, we have tons of goodies!


Updated to Minecraft 1.17.1

Updated to LibZoomer 0.3.0, featuring a cleaner codebase

Switched the config system from Fiber + SpruceUI to Codecs + quilt-json5 + SpruceUI

  • Significantly reduced this mod's file size as a consequence
  • Changed the saved config format, now utilizing JSON5's unquoted keys and consistent comments
  • Hopefully fixed config issues

Improved the SpruceUI-powered config screen

  • Readded the orange concrete background texture
  • Added bounded double input options, preventing config errors from happening
  • Renamed the confusingly-named "Reset Settings" button to "Discard Changes"

Added new Spyglass-related options!

  • Added the "Spyglass" value to the Zoom Overlay option, allowing to use the spyglass overlay instead of the vignette
  • Added the "Use Spyglass Texture" option, which overrides the vignette texture to a spyglass one
  • Added the "Use Spyglass Sound" option, which adds spyglass sounds on zooming in and out
  • Added the "Spyglass" preset, making the zoom similar to a spyglass

Significantly shrunk the mod with the help of a newer version of the Detonater

Added log messages for server-side restrictions

Added the "Show Restriction Toasts" option, which allows to hide the toasts

The user's zoom divisor bounds are now used if they are within the server's imposed ranged

Removed the ability of servers to impose invalid options for maximum/minimum zoom divisors

Cleaned up the codebase

Internally switched to Quilt Mappings

Added owos, —w—

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