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oink - Yet another technoblade origin


hi guys this is my mod its very cool :)))))))))))).

please be nice in comments. :)))

*no, this is not a datapack. and no, there will not be a forge version.*

there are four unique powers included in this mod.

### mortal lock
technoblade never dies. so, why would such an unkillable beast require totems? they are banned in this origin.

### intense preparation
technoblade trains hard, and always comes prepared. so emulate this, all potion effects (both positive and negative) are doubled in amplification.

### stinking rich
due to his exuberant sums of wealth and high status, techno has no want for commoners clothing, such as iron or gold. all low tier armors are rendered inert.

### anarchy
to aid in the destruction of all that is held dear, this origin doubles the power of tnt, bed and respawn anchor explosions.