- About -

OGCraft is a mod which adds a new dimension filled with unused and removed things from Minecraft aswell as several things that were mentioned by Mojang before.

(There is even some April Fools stuff in there)

- Getting started -

The first step to progress in this mod is to find Ancient Remains in the Nether.

Obsidian Chunks in the Nether.

This new ore spawns in the lowest parts of the Nether. Needs a Diamond Pickaxe to destroy.

Blast this ore in a Blast Furnace to get Ancient Obsidian, which you can use to build a portal to the new dimension.

- The Dimension -

The OGWorld is the new dimension that you can visit and explore in this mod.

The entire dimension is inspired by the Classic-Alpha stages of Minecraft.

To enter this dimension, build a frame out of Ancient Obsidian and light it with Flint and Steel (Classic).

The new dimension

 - Overall Content -

  • New Mobs, like classic versions of Pigs and Creepers and new ones such as the Diamond Chicken
  • New Ores found underground with a new tool set
  • Blocks and Items, ranging from unused to classic variants of already existing blocks and items
  • A new dimension
  • New Advancements
  • And more!

- Some other info -


  • German
Mod made with MCreator