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WARNING: if you used an older version of ocdevices remove the content of your cases and put it in a chest before upgrading, as the data structure changed and your case content might get corrupted when updating the mod to this version




* fixed startup crash with Electroblob's Wizardry (and maybe other mods that have items which aren't really initialized on startup -.-)



* improved network protocol

* build against commons0815-1.3.2



* fixed server startup crash

* added recipe for item bench



* fixed some render issues with screens + Optifine

* added NanoAnalyzer + ItemBench (WIP, only obtainable through creative) (which allows to infuse Opencomputers Nanomachines into Armor/Swords and Items which use Forge Energy Capability, see the Wiki for further details)

* removed Library which was shipped with the mod before, you have to download it by yourself if your client doesnt auto download dependencies 



* fixed server startup crash (Class not found exception)



* added server racks that can be dyed and have a glass door

* changed recipes, (every case is now tier1 by default)

* added upgrade items which allow to convert cases to Tier2, Tier3 or Creative Cases

* added upgrade which allows to make any case blast resistant

* dependency on MCMultiPart is now optional

* added advanced redstone i/o which includes a geolyzer to get information about the adjacent blocks

* added bridge which allows to connect components wireless

* added database adapter which can set items in a database upgrade by their name

* added matrix block which is a widget based display panel (WIP)


20190228: Alpha! my advice is to remove flatpanels from your world before upgrading

* added keyboard (dyeable and can be placed in MultiParts like flat panels, chisel'n'bits, ... if MCMultiPart mod is installed)

* added recipe dictionary can read recipes from items and store them in a database upgrade for crafting automation and AE2 configuration purposes

* added support for MCMultiPart so FlatPanels/Keyboards can be placed in the same block

* rewrote a lot of internal code so this is flagged as alpha as stuff may break. 

* better walk event handler for flatpanels

* better touch support for flatpanels

* flatpanels are now "flat" by default when placed

* fixed wrong hitbox calculation for flat panels

* no more redstone/arrow support for flatpanels (bug me on github if you think its necessary)

* case tier can now be configured in the mod config

* fixed some render issues with the cases and their inventory previews



* cases dont connect to cables from all sides anymore, default is TOP/BOTTOM/BACK (only exception is the IBM Case which allows connections from all sides but TOP)

* new workstation case, thanks again to ZefTheFox for the model/textures



* fix crash on dedicated servers when placing a FlatScreen Panel



* screen method setOpaque() was replaced by setOpacity() which accepts either true/false or a int value from 0-100 to set a variable tint

* cases can now be colored with dye, render their status LEDs, and are rotated to face the player when placed in the world



* added 3 new Tier3 Cases, thanks to ZefTheFox for the models and textures



* fixed wrong bounding box calculation for panels when all sides have same depth set O:-)

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