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This mod adds computer carts to OpenComputers.



Update / Info:

Most of you probably notices that this mod is still stuck in 1.7.10. While I've made attempts to get this mod updated in the past, it would require a full rewrite. Since I'm currently not really active in Minecraft especially Modded Minecraft, I don't have much interest updating it. I'm sorry for everyone who enjoyed the mod.



Version 1.3 is a update to OC 1.6.   Versions above 1.3 are available for OC 1.6 & OC 1.5 

Files for OC 1.6 are beta because OC 1.6 is beta.



The mod also adds a network rail which can connect to the cart and charge it's battery. It can also relay network messages.


For more information about Items and Blocks look into the OC-Manual or in the wiki(github).


The Computer Carts works just like a normal Robot from OpenComputers.

You can find a list of all computer cart functions in the wiki.


Blocks and Items


Build in components:

  • Break:   Just stops the cart.
  • Engine:   Uses energy to move the cart.
  • Light:   Like the light from Drones and Robots you can change the color. (not a real light source)  

Interaction with Railcraft:

  • Computer carts can take energy from electric rails.
  • Carts are linkable.
  • Signal for cart lockdown (holding tracks). 

I allow distribution of my mod in modpacks. Would be nice if you give credits


Required Mods:

  • Minecraft Forge or later
  • OpenComputers 1.5.14 or later

Packs using this mod:

Please report any issues.


Will this mod get updated to 1.9 / 1.10 .... ?

Yes. But I have to change a lot of code.

- Rendering changed. So I have to remake the model for the cart and also change the rendering for the cart item.

- Bad Code. That mod is one of my first mods and you will probably see that in  the code. I will try to clean up the mess.

- Remote Modules won't work the way they do in 1.7. I have to rewrite them and also try to make them better.

- Railcraft is not for 1.9 / 1.10 ... yet. My plan is to require Railcraft in the future since most features need Railcraft.


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