Obsidian Armor and Tools

67,503 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Please do not redistribute my mod on any other websites Credit me if done so. Do not make any revenue from distribution. 



My computer with the mod project had to be refreshed and I'm going to get my backup working hopefully before 1.13 comes out. I am not dead, just waiting for 1.13 to be released.

I was working on another mod which I may start back up again(Weather system, via. cold/warm)

Please read the Getting Started on the armor and tools. There have been 2 ways to get the items and people just go to the ore and ask me to remove it and put it for the obsidian. The obsidian has been able to do that just ignored and looked over by everyone.



 You are free to use this mod in your modpack no need to ask.


Version Changes

Update 1.8.1(March 11)

  • config file for ore generation
  • config file for tools (Requires restart)
  • config file for armor (Requires restart)
  • hopefully fixed issue with server crashing

Update 1.8.2(Bug-fix)

fixes armor fire resistance not working


The config file the ore generation does not need minecraft to be restarted to work. Turn off the ore generation to remove all the ore and just mine the obsidian if you wish to. 



  • Obsidian sword, pickaxe, axe ,etc...
  • Obsidian helmet, chestplate, etc...
  • Obsidian ingot
  •  Creative tab 
  • Obsidian ore 
  • Obsidian nugget 
  • Obsidian bow
  • Obsidian Block


Getting Started

The obsidian tools and armor are better than diamond and can be obtained from either the OBSIDIAN block or the new ORE in nuggets.You can find the ore at 25 down close to lava level. The new ore can be obtained by using a diamond pickaxe. The ore requires a new world to be generated or new chunks.

 The armor has a permanent fire resistance effect so you take no damage from lava or fire when wearing a full set



Q: Is there no config for this mod? If not, please make one?

A: There is a config file in version 1.8.1 for Minecraft 1.12.2.


Q:What is the durability/damage for the tools and armor?

A:1882 is the durability for the tools and armor.


Q:Can you make a version for X version of Minecraft?

A:Sure just let me know what version you want. Currently its 1.11.2, and 1.12.2 but versions for 1.7.10 and 1.10.2 are planned to be worked on.




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