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ObsAoA is an add-on for Advent of Ascension. It adds a number of small features to improve your Advent of Ascension adventure.  For more information see the Minecraft Forum Thread and check my youtube channel for previews.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and Install the recommended 1.7.10 version of Minecraft Forge
  2. Download and Install Advent of Ascension
  3. Download and Install ObsCore (a minimum version 1.4.1 is required)
  4. Download and Install ObsAoA
  5. Have Fun!




ObsAoA adds achievements for all Advent of Ascension weapons.


ObsAoA adds records for all Advent of Ascension's boss music. Whenever you defeat a boss it will drop a record, allowing you to play the boss music whenever you like! The record is a guaranteed drop. Thanks to Endervikin for the idea.

Forge Multipart Integration

ObsAoA automatically registers all valid Advent of Ascension blocks with FMP. So now you can multipart AoA.

Ore Dictionary Registration

ObsAoA automatically detects all Advent of Ascension Wood, Planks and Leaves blocks and registers them with Forge. Now you can use AoA planks to craft sticks. Yay!

New Blocks

ObsAoA adds a number of new blocks, including smooth stone and stone bricks. You can now smelt many of the common stone blocks added by Advent of Ascension in various dimensions and obtain a smooth version.  The smooth version can be then crafted into stone bricks.




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