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Filename aquamirae-5.api10.jar
Uploaded by ObscuriaOfficial
Uploaded Dec 24, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +19
Size 16.45 MB
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Aquamirae 5 - No more lags, Lots of improvements and Public GitHub repository!

If you previously had to remove a mod from modpack due to poor performance, then we have good news - this update fixes all known issues and gets rid of performance issues completely!


  • Public GitHub Repository.
  • Mod ID changed from ob_aquamirae to aquamirae.
  • Winter Event: In December and January, Cornelia's weapon will be replaced with a festive Sweet Lance, and with a 20% chance can drop from her. This is a unique weapon that can be eaten.

Ice Maze

  • Fully fixed lags during biome generation. The biome is also displayed correctly on world maps.
  • The following commands are now available:

      /locate biome aquamirae:ice_maze (by biome tag)
      /locate structure aquamirae:ship
      /locate structure aquamirae:outpost
      /locate structure aquamirae:shelter

  • Changed the underwater generation, now there is a more diverse flora.
  • You will now freeze when falling into water.


  • Spinefish now spawns as a mob and can be caught in a bucket.
  • Golden Moths now prefer to spawn in ice arches.
  • Anglerfish behavior and model has been improved.


  • Added Coral Lance ability.
  • Added Leggings and Boots of the Three Bolt Armor. A full set will protect you from freezing.
  • All lances now have a 25% Attack Range bonus.
  • Changed Dead Sea Scroll effects.
  • All logbooks added to creative tabs.


  • Added missing blockstates.
  • When you receive an ingredient from a mod, you will immediately unlock all crafting recipes with it.
  • Crafts are sorted into groups and categories, like vanilla.
  • Added some missing crafts.
  • Added new advancements.
  • Fixed a bug where three axes were dropped from the vindicator.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.


  • Three-Bolt Helmet Overlay.
  • Chat notifications.

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