Minegen 2D

4,955 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 1, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

I decided to revive the old 2dmc mod from like 1.6-1.7.10 and recoded it for 1.12.2 as the commandblock thing where you can walk only on 1 block is a popular thing now.


In the pack you have only 3 block wide area where you can move. (you can only walk on about 1,5block area but the total width of world is 3 blocks for easier base building and overall gameplay).


 Map includes automatic teleport barriers and world height barrier you also can punch mobs out of the world.


Default configuration is 3 blocks wide world. To change that you need to edit 2dmc.cfg file in your config folder.

<-  that config value means your world would be 9 blocks wide

If for some reason your config file is empty, copy those lines into it. (config file is only needed if you want to change the default width)

world  {




for singleplayer: select "2D World" from the world type.

for servers: level-type=twod


You are allowed to use this mod in your modpacks/projects you only need to give credits and link to this page.

Our support discord : discord.gg/U4B6wEe



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