Nugget Craft v1.6.2

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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Hey guys this is my first mod ever so no negative comments. What this mod adds as i said above is 8 different types of nugget's which are Iron, Emerald, Diamond, Earth, Nether, Chicken and Coal nuggets. As i said i'l try to add more things including armors blocks e.t.c. To install first open up the start menu and type up "%appdata%" and click on "Roaming" then click on ".minecraft" and open the versions folder copy the 1.6.2 folder and rename it to "1.6.2 - Modded" (No quotation marks) and then open it rename both the files to "1.6.2 Modded" and open the 1.6.2.json and rename the id part to "1.6.2 - Modded" then open the 1.6.2 - Modded.jar with a archiving program and delete META-INF and drag the files of the mod into the jar file then open up the launcher and then click edit profile and select the version "1.6.2 Modded" then run Minecraft done.


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