NuclearPower (formerly NuclearCraft)

3,942 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 3, 2014 Game Version: 1.6.4

NuclearPower (formerly NuclearCraft) is an IC2 addon that allows for the construction of several reactors that produce varying amounts of EU.


- Minecraft Forge (
- IndustrialCraft 2 (ver. 2.0.937) (


See the Screenshot page :3


The second update video is available on YouTube here (not yet available)
It shows the new features added to the Fusion Reactor, but, be aware, the steam production has been temporarily removed due to a fluid rendering problem that only occurs outside of the Eclipse workspace.

The "First Look" video is available on YouTube
It shows you the basic setup and runs through the safety features of the Fusion Reactor released in this version.


- Added NuclearPower creative tab
- Added use for Pressure Regulator (temporarily disabled)
- Added use for Plating
- Added Coil corrosion (say what?! ;))

The first public release of the mod is available!
The Fusion Reactor is relatively stable to use, although watch out when it reaches about 50,000 degrees ;)


[FIX] The Reactor Controller now updates whenever a block is broken and/or replaced
[BUG] The Reactor does not produce steam due to a fluid rendering issue that only occurs when the mod is exported to a normal, non-workspace client v_v

As of this release, there are 3 clear bugs that I am aware of from my own testing:

[BUG] When the world is closed and reloaded, the tanks lose their stored liquid.
[BUG] When the world is closed and reloaded, the coils lose their stored temperature (fix this by opening the Reactor Controller GUI)
[BUG] When a coil is broken, the Reactor Controller gui stops updating information about that block

Posting bugs
If you find a bug or encounter a crash other than those listed (and not fixed) above, please leave a comment below with the following format:
- What you were doing when the crash occurred
- If the crash occurred more than once or if it was a one of thing
- A spoilered crash-log (comments with unspoilered logs will be removed due to their length)



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