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Novablocks 1.12.2 : Discontinued

Novablocks 1.16.5 : PRE ALPHA stage : basically nothing. WARNING : will probably crash your game. It's far from being even "started".


Potentially asked questions :

Q : "Why are they so little updates ? Is the mod dead ? "

A : I don't have much time to spend for NovaBlocks, as I'm preparing for entrence exams... The mod isn't dead yet (okay, you can consider it on life support, but it's still there and well).


Q : "Will you update to 1.x ?"

A : It depends. But, as of now, I'm working on 1.16 (very, veeery slowly though). After updating to 1.16, ports should be easier.


Q : "Will you add this or that ? "

A : Any suggestion could get its place in the mod, if it is relevent and not ludicrously hard or game breaking. It's a case of wether I like it or not.


Q : "Where can I find the source code of your mod ? "

A : As of now, I am not really used to Github, but once I do know it, I'll put it there.


Q : "Do you have a discord server where I can suggest ideas or follow the development of the mod ? "

A : I recently made one, but it's nothing crazy. If you want to hop on the train of this mod development, or want to help me a little, here ya go :


Q : "I found a bug. Can I report it ? "

A : If I'm not mistaken, you can report issues in Curseforge. Don't hesitate to do so ! However, there are some known issues (crash with plateforms, Spacesuit not properly working, etc)


Q : "Coffee ? "

A : Coffee.


NovaBlocks is a simple mod that adds simple blocks to your game. Those are some additions that add that "modern technology" feel to your vanilla experience.

Hazard blocks, concrete stairs and slabs, and metal beams are some of the new blocks you will found here, along with a spacesuit !

This mod also adds a thing that I really thought lacked in MrCrayfish's furniture mod : A full variant for the glass door. No more peeking !

(Thanks again for his source code on Github, and his amazing mods ! Go check him out !)


This is my first mod ! There may be updates to add new things or fix some bugs (they are quite frequent, feel free to comment about features !).

Now that you have been warned, have fun and enjoy the mod !


If you want to use this in a modpack, feel free to do it ! However, be sure to credit notify me about it.




NovaBlocks est un mod simple qui rajoute des blocs simples à votre expérience de jeu. Il s'agit de quelques additions qui ajoutent ce côté "technologique et moderne"  au jeu vanilla.

Les blocs de signalisation, des dalles/escaliers en béton et des armatures en métal sont quelques-uns des blocs ajoutés, en plus d'une combinaison spatiale !

De plus, ce mod comporte quelque chose qui, je trouvais, manquait beaucoup dans le mod : MrCrayfish furniture mod : Un version opaque de la porte moderne coulissante. Plus d'espionnage !

(Merci encore à lui pour le code source sur Github, et aussi pour ses incroyables mods ! Allez donc y jeter un coup d'oeil !)


C'est mon premier mod ! Il y aura peut-être des mises à jour pour ajouter de nouvelles fonctionnalités ou régler quelques bugs (Il y en a pas mal, soyez libres de commenter à propos de ces dernières !)

Maintenant que vous avez été prévenus, amusez-vous bien !


Si vous voulez utiliser ce mod dans un modpack, vous le pouvez ! Cependant, je vous demanderai de me créditer, et de me prévenir à ce sujet.

Special thanks to my friends who support me in the development : LittleBubulle, Alphfight, Cametirie, Sweety74


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