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NotEnoughItems Unofficial 1.7.10

A continuation of NotEnoughItems for 1.7.10 by the developers of Gregtech: New Horizons modpack, with features either inspired and/or backported from JustEnoughItems


We've tested this against all of the mods included in GTNH, as well as a limited set of other mods (like Reika's mods).  Every effort has been made to maintain backwards compatibility, however the focus is on the mods contained in the GTNH modpack.


New Features:

  • Speed : Uses a parallel stream to search the item list over multiple cores, resulting in 2-6x faster searches on average, also 
  • More Speed: Loads the recipe handlers in parallel
  • A textbox for search with most of the features you'd expect - moving forward, backwards, selection, etc
  • Bookmarks! What are you in the process of crafting? Bookmark it using either 'A' or configure your own key.
  • Toggle bookmark pane. Default shortcut key `B`. Item Subsets menu is only available if bookmarks are not visible.
  • Utility/Cheat buttons line up and wrap based on GUI size
  • ItemList is no longer regenerated from the ItemRegistry on every inventory load
  • JEI (Or Creative) Style tabs [Optional] Note: Requires explicit support to be added for an ItemStack to render, otherwise falls back to the first two letters of the handler name. 
  • Tabs/Handlers are loaded from a CSV config in the JAR (or optionally from the config folder). NBT IMCEvents `registerHandlerInfo` and `removeHandlerInfo` are available for mod authors to add handler information, using the same fields as the CSV file
  • `@[Mod]->[item]` searching. ex: `@Gregtech->iron ingot` (Made possible via dual filtering of Subset & Pattern match)
  • Cycle between Recipe, Utility, and Cheat mode by ctrl clicking on the Wrench Icon
  • GT5u Tools/Items and GT6 tools should now properly work with the Overlay Recipe Transfer


Other items of note:

  • Licensed under LGPL - Use this however you want, but please give back any modifications
  • Remove TMI style
  • Removed inventory Load/Save state