Not Enough Compression(NEC)

11,866 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 25, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Not Enough Compression


This is a small MOD but has versatility.


・Compress and decompress items any number of times

The piston is used as a catalyst






・Craft using compressed items

Simple recipes are possible with MOD's





・Place compressed block

When destroyed, drop the compressed item corresponding to the original block.

The characteristics of the original block are not inherited!





・Automatic compression on any storage

If you attach a frame with a piston in the storage, compression starts.




Compressed Items is usable at a stretch as a original when it is used in void or block

Other MOD items can also use but problems may occur


・Special compressed block

・Compressed Furnace : Smelting from compressed fuel, material.The number of compressions and the number of fuels must be the same

・Compressed Hopper : It runs at a speed corresponding to the compressed number


・Generate compressed chunk in the world


Chunks composed of compressed blocks will be generated

Naturally generated compression blocks are hard and consume a lot of tool durability

In rare cases, chunks with many compressions are generated

compressed chunk





Heavy Crafting

 You need materials that are compressed into craft


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