Nosiphus Furniture Mod

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Nosiphus Furniture Mod - an addon for MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod

In mid-2019, MrCrayFish decided to rewrite his Furniture Mod from the ground up. During that rewrite, he decided to take the mod in an entirely new direction, and as such, left behind much of the content that had been present in earlier versions. When mod availability for the Nether Update (1.16) finally approached something acceptable, and even more so when the Caves and Cliffs Update (1.18) reached the same point, I found myself missing several furniture blocks present in versions for the World of Color Update (1.12). I decided to take it upon myself to bring those blocks into the newer versions of the game, and rework them to expand upon their original implementation. MrCrayFish stated that he "appreciate[d] the work," but that he wanted to take the main mod in a new direction. He gave me permission to release an addon, and thus, the Nosiphus Furniture Mod was born. You can see the permission statement here.


Brief Content Overview

NFM is, essentially, a port of the Modern Update that MrCrayFish made to CFM back in 2018. I have also added other blocks that have not made the transition in CFM that existed before that update. While I have not readded all the missing content yet, and of the blocks that are available, many are not yet functional, I am actively working on bringing them over and even expanding them in ways that the original versions just didn't do. For example, I have improved the blocks' outlines, so that they match the block models instead of a generic square area. NFM is designed internally to work as an expansion of CFM, and is coded to match CFM as closely as it can.


Devices Mod Content

NFM originally had the office chairs from the discontinued MrCrayFish's Device Mod. While you could sit in them, you could not spin around. While looking into readding that function, I stumbled across the Devices Mod, a port that added most of that mod's content, but in a functional way. In order to maintain compatibility, I replaced NFM's office chairs with a placeholder block, and that placeholder block tells users to install the Devices Mod alongside NFM and CFM. Once installed, mining the placeholder block will drop the Devices Mod's equivalent, which can then be placed back into the world.


This screenshot showcases the mod's original additions. It is still a good pointer, but newer images can be seen under the Images tab.


Currently Implemented

  • Bins (functional)
  • Bar Stools (semi-functional, can sit but not 360 degrees)
  • Bedside Cabinets (functional)
  • Blenders (not yet functional)
  • Cabinets (functional)
  • Chairs (functional)
  • Coffee Tables (no function)
  • Desks (no function)
  • Desk Cabinets (functional)
  • Dishwashers (not yet functional)
  • Kitchen Counters (no function)
  • Kitchen Drawers (functional)
  • Kitchen Sinks (functional)
  • Microwaves (functional, but using vanilla method temporarily)
  • Ovens (functional, but using vanilla method temporarily)
  • Oven Rangehoods (functional)
  • Sofas (functional)
  • Showers (no function)
  • Shower Heads (semi-functional, water drops)
  • Sinks (functional)
  • Tables (no function)
  • Television Stands (functional)
  • Toasters (not functional yet)
  • Toilets (semi-functional, can sit)


Planned Additions

  • Beds
  • Birdbaths
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Computers
  • Doors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Stereos
  • Televisions
  • Washing Machines



  • MrCrayFish (original mod and model files)
  • seancrain/windowsxprules1 (code)