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323,413 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2   +33

Disable update checking for all mods to decrease minecraft launching time.



If you want to allow certain update checking, add their URL host to nu-whitelist.txt (one per line) under minecraft folder.

如果需要允许某些检查更新, 请将检查更新的域名加入minecraft文件夹下的nu-whitelist.txt文件内, 一行一个.


Default whitelist



(In /.minecraft/nu-whitelist.txt)




You can:

Use this mod in your modpack.

Repost this mod to another website.


You must:

Keep credit info (and a link to this page) if redistribute.


You cannot:

Repost this mod in any form(including modpack, etc) to MCBBS.NET or any site affiliated with MCBBS.NET


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