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Noel is a mod that aims to add Christmas-themed features to Minecraft.



  • Elves: Find them in the coldest of biomes! Drops candy canes and spirit!
  • Bell Ringer: Makes noises when right-clicked
  • Candle: Light up the area!
  • Candycane: An edible Item.
  • Peppermint Candy: Smaller bits of candy canes, do they really have an effect?
  • Candycane Armor: Yup! Kinda useless but really pretty!
  • Donation Booth: Right-Click with diamonds or gold ingots and shift right-click with an empty hand to remove.
  • Glowstone Star: A Christmas Tree Topper.
  • Gold Star: A Christmas Tree Topper.
  • Light String: Christmas lights.
  • Stockings: A decorative block.  
  • Frosted Planks: Planks that have been frosted over!
  • Shrub Tree: A Charlie Brown tree.
  • Present: Basically a lucky block, obtained by crafting them with spirit
  • Present Trap: Disguises as a present, but contains TNT instead!
  • Advent Calendar: Punch to know how close Christmas is!
  • Ore Variant Ornaments: Ornaments that are ore based.
  • Stained Glass Ornaments: Come on now it's just colored ornaments
  • Kettle: Used to craft hot chocolate! Put in milk, cocoa, in an ignited kettle, and use a mug!
  • Mug: Useless item really...
  • Hot Chocolate: Yum! Lures elves! In v1.15.1 no need for igniting a kettle!
  • Spirit: Christmas spirit, captured!
  • Spirit Ore: Found in the depths of the earth, located in icy biomes.
  • Stone Path: As opposed to a dirt path?
  • Wreath: Decoration!
  • Ribbon: Even more decoration!
  • Giner Bread Blocks: Made with molasses, eggs, and sugar!
  • Sugar Plum Fairy: Summoned when drinking warm milk
  • Ginger Bread Man: Occasionally is summoned when opening presents!
  • Gumdrops: bounceable! made using gelatin!
  • Gelatin: Made using bones in a kettle!
  • Molasses: Made using sugarcane in a kettle!
  • Sugar Plums: Obtained from sugar plum fairies
  • Music Disks: Christmas songs! Thanks to Kevin MacLeod!
  • Warm Milk: Put milk In a mug and smelt it! 
  • Mistletoe: Stand under it... haha jk... unless?
  • And even more!


What about Forge?

I DO aim to update the mod with forge. I've even heard the architectury API can help with that. However, it is finals season and I am limited on the time I have to work on the mod. That's why I have maintained the project on Fabric, it is very simple and easy to update. Until further notice, stay tuned.



 *Note: if you come across a crash, please send me the crash report! Thanks!

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