No Tema Stahp

2,220,301 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 21, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod is a small addon for XU2 that removes some of the weird and exploitable code in the mod. Every thing changed by this mod can be turned on/off in the config/notemastahp.cfg file. While this mod can be installed on the client, if it was installed on a server it will apply to all players and they wont be forced to add the mod.


What can you change?

  • Disable code in XU2 which prevents slimes from spawning flat worlds. Some modpacks force you into a flat world so this can be annoying.
  • Disables the "OP Item Cheats" feature, which gave RWTema the law sword, a fire axe, and a bow thingy when they join a server or respawn.
  • Disables the "Cheaty" feature, which gives RWTema access to special cheats when using his mod. This is done by randomizing the "tema" ID every time the server launches. If a player were to join with the ID it will also be re-randomized before the player can join.


Note: This mod is all in good fun, and in part paypack to RWTema for his new frustrating modpack Ultimate Alchemy. Please don't use this mod as an excuse to be mean to RWTema.


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