No More Torch Spam

62,136 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 30, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +2


A small mod that adds the Glow Crystal, a scalable light source. 


Have you ever wanted to light up a larger area?

Before this mod you would probably spam torches all over but spam no more!

The glow crystal will save you :3


You can place up to 4 crystals at once to get the maximum light range of about 50 blocks! 






Alternativ Crafting Recipe

If you feel like it is to expansive for your playstyle, there is an alternative crafting recipe that uses an Amethyst Shard instead of a Diamond.

Just install this Datapack in your world :D




Issues and feature requests


If you find any bugs or have an idea for a feature that is missing post it in the comment section or add an issue on github :D


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